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18/ 2006






Mariana Codruț
Nicolae Labiș
George Bacovia
Leonard Schwartz

The Radical Cool, The Brown Supremacy and the Post-narrative Culture by Paul Doru Mugur


The Lost Girls of Pitești by Anthony DeStefano


Interviews by Alina Savin:

Elena Vasileva

Evgeniy Shaman

Sergey Kharlamov

Eugeny Kozhevnikov



Waking beauty or Wake Up and Smell the Rot. A three act play by Alexandra Ares

17/ 2005











Dan Dănilă
Gellu Dorian
Nathalie Handal
Cristina Lee
Sharon Mesmer
Simona Solomon 
Dan Totilca
Sholeh Wolpé
Adi Urmanov
Nicolae Coande
Liviu Georgescu
Răzvan Țupa
Luis Bravo
Maria Del Carmen Colombo
Marta López Luaces
Karina Macció
Julia Otxoa
Mercedes Roffé
Carmen Valle

Decapod by Walker West











Statement for "The Post-National Writer"/ “Scriitorul post-național” PEN World Voices, 21 April 2005 by Eliot Weinberger

Literature and Power by Oksana Zabuzhko

Not too far away from the genre by Guido Eekhaut

Courting the Fantastic by Guido Eekhaut

Stories from another time by Guido Eekhaut

A Disguised Moral Tale by Guido Eekhaut

India in images by Emilie Robert and Carlo Tiribelli

The inner sea of Ángela Lergo

16/ 2005











Mercedes Roffé
Romanian Poets:
Radu Andriescu
Maria Banuș
Magda Cârneci
Daniela Crăsnaru
Nichita Danilov
Ștefan Augustin Doinaș
Mihai Eminescu
Ioan Flora
Mariana Marin
Angela Marinescu
Ion Mircea
Ion Mureșan
Iustin Panța
Cristian Popescu
Marin Sorescu
Nichita Stănescu
Mihai Ursachi


Jackpot by Tsipi Keller

Tiny Bells by Bruce Holland Rogers









Cecilia Vicuna and the Weaving of Water by Christine de Lailhacar










Show reservoirs and scars. About the signs and images of Fred Bervoets by Johan Pas  








15/ 2004










The Courtesan poem by Mirela Roznoveanu

Adrian Sângeorzan poems









The children who wouldn`t see by Frank Roger

The boiler man by Carmen Firan

The Romanian - a memoir by Bruce Benderson (fragment)





The Romanian Cultural Debate of the Summer: Romanian Intellectuals and Their Status Groups. A Few Notes on an Absolutely Normal Book by Dr. Mona Momescu









Brâncuși: The Creator of Eternal Essence by Valery Oisteanu

Homage to Brancusi’s Marbles: A new-“Muse Sleeping” by Valery Oisteanu

Brâncuși - fragments from “The Romanian”, a memoir by Bruce Benderson


Polonius by Victor Cilincă










14/ 2004







Üzeyir Lokman Çayci - English translations F.J.Bergmann

Anya Raskin

Vasyl Makhno

Ella Veres



The Pope and the Angels by Guido Eekhaut

The immortality mayfly by Frank Roger

The garden where the time crumbled to dust by Frank Roger


On Literary Translation as a Narcotic by Thierry Marignac

SF literature is Darwinistic an interview with James E Gunn by Petru Iamandi

The Local vs. the Others: I.L. Caragiale’s Work as an Internal Use Identity Marker by Mona Momescu


JasperWho? interviews by Kenny Schachter

Gesundheit! by Michael Madore





by Bryan Reynolds






13/ 2003






























Nichita Stănescu-11 elegies English translation from Romanian by Paul Doru Mugur

War of the words-11 elegies by Nichita Stănescu presentation by Paul Doru Mugur

Adina Dabija

Chris Martin

Albert Flynn deSilver

Liliana Ursu English translation from Romanian by Sean Cotter

Prakrit Love Poetry (fragments) translated from Prakrit by Arvind Khrishna Mehrotra

Arvind Khrishna Mehrotra

Joel Whitney

Juan Diego Mosquera English translation from Spanish by Joel Whitney

Alex Galper  translated from Russian by Igor Satanovsky

Eugene Ostashevsky

Liviu Georgescu

Eric Gamalinda

Daniil Kharms  English translation by Matvei Yankelevitch

Poet in intercultural space by Andrey Gritsman

Beyond Neptune by Guido Eekhaut

Eternal Venice by Guido Eekhaut

A conspiracy by Guido Eekhaut

Romanian Fugue in C Sharp by Aurora Cornu























Stanley Rosen, Hermeneutics as Politics review by Costica Bradatan

A slice of immortality by Guido Eekhaut

September in New York, 2001 by Andrey Gritsman

Ms. Nerissa Susana Bramble and the Post-blackout New York by Mona Momescu

Dostoyevsky trip by Vladimir Sorokin translated from Russian by Magazinnik




















12/ 2003








Carlos Barbarito Poetry

Mihai Lucaciu Poetry






Sergiu Al-George On Negative Compounds: A parallel between Panini and Aristotle

Sergiu Al-George Notes from India

Costică Brădațan Nietzsche. A Philosophical Biography by Rudiger Safranski


11/ 2003











Flavia Rocha Poetry

Ricardo Corona Poetry










Sergiu Al-George Metaphor and Phylosophy: an Indian Perspective

Jeroen D`hoe The sound of joy: an Interview

Camelia Elias Truth in the Margin, or Bloom’s Idiosyncratic Reader

Costică Brădățan Genius: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds by Harold Bloom

Annie Abrahams Don`t touch me/ Ne me touchez pas


10/ 2003








Ever green is...by Pavel Vilikovsky translated by Charles Sabatos







Camelia Elias The fragment. Ten thesis on the fragment








Ralph Steadmann Etchings

Ralph Steadmann von Loose Rembrandt in his own image

Stefan Arteni Calligraphy



Homewrecker by Kelly Stuart








9/ 2003



Carmen Firan



Ana-Maria Beligan Love is a Trabant


Magda Cârneci A triple synthesis


8/ 2002



Alexandra Olivotto A post colonialist reading


7/ 2002



Ioan Buteanu Poetry

Ștefan Bolea Poetry


6/ 2002









Nichita Danilov Poetry

Marin Sorescu Poetry

Al-Motannabi Poetry

Saviana Stănescu Poetry




Jerelle Krause Virginie

Ovidiu Bufnilă Monsera banosera







Librado Romero Obscure occurences








Saviana Stănescu History of performence artà

Saviana Stănescu Outcast

Saviana Stănescu Infanta.User`s guide


5/ 2002





Radu Andriescu Poetry

Mihai Eminescu Poetry

Mircea Cărtărescu Poetry



Jacques Derrida Interview

Guido Mina di Sospiro The art of the novel

V.S.Naipaul Nobel prize speech and bio

Elizabeth Miller Count Dracula vs. Vlad Țepeș

4/ 2001



Gabriela Rotaru Poetry

Traian Coșovei Poetry

3/ 2000



Gabriela Rotaru Poetry

Rene Triebl Pars pro toto