Homage to Brancusi’s Marbles: A new-“Muse Sleeping”


By Valery Oisteanu


The Muse is a lifeless form that dreams

She was made out of white cube of marble

An oval stone with shadow underneath

The weight of stone holds her in place

She is almost an indestructible egg

Suddenly she opens her eyes and smiles

Poets are inspired by the curvature of her brow

The nakedness of her lips inspires artists

Women measure their beauty by her

Slipping through time, holding the time

The white is whiter when dreaming in the dark

She is the sculpture for the blind

Touch the muse sleeping,

Caress her, stroke her, and kiss her

She is a limestone-Kiss, a song of a wood rooster


Constantin Brâncuşi, Danaide, 1918

A fragment of an unfinished torso sheds a tear

A young bird with veined skin takes flight,

A flight shiny as gold, movement/stillness

An abstract head of a woman dancing

A newborn’s shout of pain

A Miracle in the middle of the rotunda: a white seal

At the Gugh a princess looks like an erect cock

Man in a wheelchair rolls backwards in disbelief


She is the beginning and the end of the world

She is the polished stone embracing unpolished stone

She is Prometheus, a sleeping child, and a flying turtle

The Creator all covered in white powder

Recreates the world according to his dreams

Brancusi ascends to the heavens on his Infinite Ladder.

Constantin Brâncuşi, The Beginning of the World, 1924  


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