mainstream abstention
city at dawn
life preserving meat decaying oxygen
I breathe in so longing for affection's got
my taste buds screaming
[never go grocery shopping when youíre hungry]
buzzing neon lights get in the way between
me and the fat piece of salmon
I was going to devour tonight
a lady in pale blue capris beaded shirt
like Ms Diane's and cute flip-flops
takes little steps towards mistaking me for somebody
I don't plan to be I donít belong in store-like
facilities or anything that involves monetary issues
a nice-to-look-at man in white has guessed that
while gazing from the canned fruit & veggies section
he gives me a big grin pearly white teeth
his lips probably taste like strawberries
in light syrup [I donít need to be shopping here]
this kid Iíve been meaning to call
looks my way my quarter has earned me a toy
you know the game, the metal claw extracts
stuffed animals from a box-like thing
his mom she's just starting to fire words at me
who do I think I am right now
I don't have the faintest idea I just want to decide
how much processed material to stuff myself with
tonight Iíll have turtle tracks ice cream for dessert
thanks for caring in a few years when I grow up
I wish to be extracted with a claw-like machine
from a big box with all the other stuffed people
for a quarter, how do you figure that
I get a discounted movie a six-pack glossy photo
paper Iím going on a roll-back the sweet Mexican lady
waves at me No, thanks I'll check myself out from
the big store windows dressed in paper gaze at me
eyes of kids no one has ever seen again
moms might be right.
Little do I know about Thee, my puppeteer
but what I know is more than enough
I never wanted to learn so much about masks
as to guess when itís the right time to use them
or to conceal them.
Behind my icy glance there is always the ocean
with its enormous-bellied Moby Dicks swimming in disarray
and the waves
like lacey belts that now artfully and tenderly gather
around the waist of earth
embracing her
embracing me
Darkness has always had some sort of forbidden beauty to it
dangerously exposed by the dance of shadows,
intuitively announced by the temptations of twilight
yes, Nights have always scored high on my agenda
as they produced long lustful dreams with letters mounting letters
into whispered words
but Light, Oh Light
it has always been warm and fertile
and the mornings have always meant beginnings
too pretty to be dumped, or be forgotten
The virgin light that shows me pale skin with freckles
and purple bluish veins that surface to caress me
is what I truly care for. Now go on, pull the strings
my feet are ready for the exhausting dance. How else
could they learn about the sweetness of music?
And while Iím catching my breath, my arms like wings
will shoo you away
with the slow victorious motions of Phoenix in rebirth.
Itís good to know youíve been here. Now
I can celebrate the moment when you left.
mainstream abstention
who understands the hunterís turmoil
better than the prey a huntee living
in a paradise of infinite options where
one can choose to be right good & brave
(a person of the world) reassessment of values
for the sake of progress constructing upon old beliefs
raised eyebrows shrugged shoulders - temples of novelty
iíve got the power in my hands my fists are ready
for the fight it is me theyíre after. donít run with the crowd
make dangerous U-turns on the highway
pay the toll move on make my ride
artful and pleasurable. I have escapism
it is threatening to become an epidemic they know nothing about
like SARS. come following I embarked on the roller-coaster
of my life they ainít got no cure for my longings my liberty
nothing to declare no belongings to tie me to the ground
free from possessions i can figure them out
they are the dangerous species who erects statues
can I be excused
the fishínígrits and Ďtato chips
are stuck in my throat
I want them crushed chewed up diced sliced forgotten
like the dying bodies of the Ďtato bugs
on the violently blinding violet rage
of the bug light on the patio
Oh the beer is stale, the story got old
donít ask me to play chess after supper, my dear
The night is silent, the woods tremble with echoes
I donít want to be sacrificed on the blackíníwhite board
on which Iím the last pawn standing
Tell me the story of the bluest-eyed girl
Iíd like to know what happened to her childhood cobble stoned roads
winding beneath tall chestnut trees
and to the red roses she painted on the cover
of her literature notebook
The cherry Cool Aid tastes like sour cherry.
Mix it well, the sweetness got stuck on the bottom of the pitcher
That's life. Learn how to make it right
then sip it through the tiny straw like you were somewhere in the 
in our dream cottage by the ocean
Could I be excused? My flesh does not have any taste
Tonight. Let the stillness of night embrace me
in a colorless peaceful dream.



city at dawn
queen of high heels goes to work
legs like those of svelte bridges
rivers of asphalt flow beneath
the chill mornings the flesh quivers
streets are red silky fashion caprices
everybody's watching life with desire




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