Elena Vasileva/ Ukraine

The Human Body as a Clay


When the Night Comes

Main Will Remain for Frame

World of the Silence and Rest



What is the human body for you?

The body for me is "clay" with which I try to mould new images. Light lines on the body - especially on muscles - are very interesting to me.

You evidently prefer black-and-white photographs. Why is that? What means shadow to you? And what means color to you? I very much love the black and white photo, in the style of the old classical photo. I use color very rarely. And only when it is pertinent in the given plot. Light plays a big role in the naked art. Shadows give эротичности and mysticism.

What does the modern techniques mean to you? Images and plots are born from my imagination. It CAN be at any moment, and even from my dreams. I, don't see anything bad in progress and in digital camera, that has taken a strong place in today's photo.  

What camera do you use? What lens? What Photoshop?

 I use two cameras. For studio shooting, a Rolleiflex 6008 AF with lens Rollei 6000 Series lens. For shooting in the street, I use the less heavy Nikon D70, which is very easy to use.

What was your biggest success until now? A photo album printed in Germany, a show on such prestigious site as PixiPort Fine Art Photography. My pictures were printed in prestigious magazines, like  Black & White and in many Russian and Ukrainian magazines. And the most important is that there are many people who love my creativity and trust in me.

What future plans do you have? The release of my second photo album by autumn. And certainly, to try to create very good pictures.

interview by Alina Savin


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