The Proof of the Axiom                    



She circles inside

the proof of the axiom


The axiom is self-evident

Is it true



Is a wavelength blue

Is a wave a wave


She performs a gesture

with her hand



If she hit rock

she could build a house


If she built a house

she could look out of the window



O, no! There’s an axiom

inside the proof of the axiom


and another

and another



She cannot tell

the net from the knot


fact from effect

All, as Parmenides says, is one



She walks in woe

from lodgment to lodgment


trying to make

an analytic judgment


La Fille des Sourds



The hearing

daughter of the deaf


dreams aloud

in Sign



In French

she is la fille des sourds


She has

a Dedekind Cut                                                                       



She says: /t/ /k/ /p/

mutter babble


Her first words

are not in her Muttersprache



She walks

cries mutter


mutter mutter

Die Mutter kann nicht hören



The mother is crushed

by the sides of her bed



It is because they are so many



the dead


 poems from  DJ Spinoza Poems

                                                           by Eugene Ostashevsky




respiro@2000-2004 All rights reserved