The inner sea of Ángela Lergo







"Nadador" 123x85x10 cms. Barro cocido, cera, pigmentos y madera


The analysis of the meaning of the forms in the sculpture of Ángela Lergo happens through the examination of the concepts of identity, reality and space. There is something more in these mud figures, something more that it equips them with a waxen, unreal aspect, which takes to raise questions about the ambivalence that any good sculpture incites: the dichotomy between the being and us, the organization of the appearance and the surprise of the difference. The precision imposed in the detail, in each folds and corporal bend, does not make but accentuate this irreality.


                                                                                                      Nadador pimenton             

The contemporary man, with his deficiencies and his weaknesses, with his actions and his intellect, his morals and his ethics, cannot be a reference. For that reason, art and science, have tried to codify by fragments an ideal man, a hybrid and essential being, a nonindividual, reconstructed, who some have called cyborg (cybernetic organism) and others, simply, have recognized like a modern hermafrodite, technified and deshumanized.


Tan lejos como me lleve..." 235x200x30 cms. Barro cocido, cera, aceite de motor usado y aluminio

It is obvious that the artist gives  a lot of importance to the liquid element. For Lergo, the water is not only water, the blackness is not merely opacity, nor we can tie it to a contingent and opportunistic criticism. Something is more there. This essential fluid, amniotic, fundamental and strange, create a territory of absence in which the figures float, swim or emerge from it, bearing a remarcable stigmate of solitude that inevitably accompanies all being.


"Salustiano con ojos de estatua" (detalle) 140x60 cms de diámetro. Barro cocido, cera, aceite de motor usado y bidones industriales

The modesl of Lergo participate, somehow, to the human condition but also they extend it, sending to a concept of beauty and nonexistent perfection in the daily nature. It causes, finally, the paradox of a fiction based on the concrete appearance of reality. In this "route of the reality", as has been defined by Josefina Alix, Lergo occupies a rare and specific territory that belongs neither to"realism" nor of the "other reality". Perhaps we could include it in the section - if it existed such a section- of a "Metaphysical transreality", disquieting and deep. As much as an inner sea.



                  "Metales de mi memoria" 155x50x23 cms. Barro cocido, cera, pigmentos y madera

Thank you to the artist and to Galería Begoña Malone for the the rights to reproduce the images. “The secret sea of Angela Lergo” is the English adapted version of “El mar oculto de Ángela Lergo”, a text that can be found on the site of Galería Begoña Malone:



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