Curriculum vitae 
Sasha Meret was born in Romania in 1955, of Romanian and Russian 
He started to study art at an early age, and earned a BA in 1974, 
and an MA in 1979. After his arrival in New York, he studied

printmaking with Tony Harrison at Columbia University.
He currently lives and works in New York City, and he had exhibits 
in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. In 1994 he joined the International
Art Group "Gaia" sponsored by Triskell Gallery in France. His work
encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles. He combines
painting with printmaking techniques like: intaglio, woodcut,
aquatint, monotype, and works in a variety of styles, from
representational to abstract.
His imagery reflects his spiritual explorations, blending European, 
African, Asian, and esoteric symbolism in a highly personal visual

language. He alternates figuration with abstraction in search for a
balance between ideas and emotions.
He  collaborates as a weekly  illustrator for "The New York Times", 
and illustrated several books for "Simon and Schuster", "Henry Holt"
and other publishing houses.
His work is part of many collections, such as: Pfizer, Sony 
Corporation, Joyce-Gilmore Mertz Foundation, Pall Corporation, 
Naito Museum, Romanian Cultural Foundation, Carcassonne Museum,
and other corporate and private collections.


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