Costica Brãdãþan (born 1971) is currently a doctoral candidate in philosophy and part-time teacher within the Department of Philosophy of the University of Durham (UK). He took his BA degree in philosophy from the University of Bucharest in 1997 (and his MA in 1998). His research interests include early modern philosophy, George Berkeley, history of ideas, philosophy and literature, medieval studies, philosophy of religion and of culture; the Ph.D. dissertation he is now writing is dedicated to exploring some traditional roots (ancient and medieval) of George Berkeley’s thought. Bradatan is the author of two recent books (in Romanian): An Introduction to the History of Romanian Philosophy in the XX-th Century (Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bucharest, 2000) and Isaac Bernstein’s Diary (Nemira Publishing House, Bucharest, 2001), as well as of numerous book chapters, reviews, scholarly essays and papers published in both Romanian and English journals and volumes. Among the translations he has made from English into Romanian most notable are those of some of Berkeley’s writings.  



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