poezie eseuri arta film







by Saviana Stănescu


(a text to be performed)

translated and adapted by Alina Nelega and  Saviana Stănescu


A railway depot – narrow rails. Gate opened towards engine turner. Inside the depot,  three young men (YM1, YM2, YM3) dressed up, with mobiles, shining hair and sunglasses. Three young businesswomen (YBW1, YBW2, YBW3): sexy, high heeled shoes, sunglasses, trendy haircuts, mobile phones.


YM1: hello

YM2: hello

YM3: hello

YBW1: wake up take your shower get dressed

YBW2: drink your coffee eat your egg

YBW3: boiled check your purse have you got

YM1: all you need do you have

YM2: tram tickets do you have

YM3: car keys i.

YBW3: d. wallet shopping

YM3: list get going

YBW1: get going

YBW3: get going

YM1: get going

ALL: get going

YBW3: boss will promote you  you

YM3: were up early dedicated

YM3: motivated dilligently for

YBW1: the company you’ve made

YBW2: heaps of money you were

YM1: very astute you haven’t

YM2: gossiped you haven’t

YM1: talked small you haven’t set up schemes

YM3: for anyone to be fired or hired

not obedient but polite

YM2: respectful sympathetic with superiors not

dictatorial imoral amoral with

YBW1: inferiors you may go

happily home you have accomplished

your duty don’t forget to

YM1: buy what your husband wife mother father told you

the refrigerator must always

have what it  needs

YM3: you can be devoted to the fridge

until you refrigerate

ALL: your drives thoughts temptations

YBW2: now you have rested awhile you have recovered

it’s high time you exchanged lines with your

husband wife mother father

YBW3: you can have intercourse

YM1: with the first two but with the other two you ought to

ALL: help bear with accept

YBW3: advice and then of course do not forget do not neglect

YM3: with its large friendly familiar

screen theTV do not forget do not neglect

ALL: the stove the iron the washing machine

the electric grinder the lamp the music box

the heater the remote control the moskito protecter the phone

ALL: hello hello hello hello helloooo helllllo…



They all turn around and take out of their pockets small pens and notebooks to tick in. They wear numbers on their backs: 12, 198, 36, 9, 74, 205. SHE-ONE's voice, coming from the loudspeakers, will run the bingo game.


THE VOICE: start (specific lottery noise)

(As ordered, all start running without advancing)

THE VOICE: exaggerated 73 (specific lottery noise) eye-sore 43 (specific lottery noise) brutal 20 (specific lottery noise) euphoric 87 (specific lottery noise) looney 33 (specific lottery noise) pathological 66 (specific lottery noise) energetic 22 (specific lottery noise) improbable imposible 72 (specific lottery noise) flirty 50 (specific lottery noise) unique proud sexbomb lovophiliac lovophobiac mythomaniac 50 51 60 77 southern temperamental unique proud cranky sooperdooper! (lottery) one of a kind!



The lights of the small engine turn on, from across the engine turner which rotates slowly, as handled by HE-ONE and HE-ANOTHER-ONE. On the turner - SHE-ONE and SHE-ANOTHER-ONE. SHE-ONE is dressed in a garment suggesting a cage, bears on her shoulders puppet-children in small cages (network bags). SHE-ANOTHER-ONE wears a dress made of covers and pages of the poetry book OUTCAST by Saviana Stãnescu. Books and book leaves mark her identity. The steam engine starts moving slowly. The six young men and business women proceed towards the turner picking up on their way, from between the rails, a bag of cabbage, a bag of carrots, green lettuce, flowers. They perform a dance of temptation, growly luring the two women into the depot. They go in, followed by HE-ONE, dressed in a body, his hips underlined by a triangle of belts, similar to the ones used by climbers, delineating his genitals. Around his waist, a whip. His shoulders are oversized, like those of American Football players. HE-ANOTHER-ONE carries his marionettes (maybe ten of them) around his waist, shoulders, wrists, neck. They all go into the depot, SHE-ONE and SHE-ANOTHER-ONE leading the group. SHE-ONE  is creeping towards the rails, SHE - ANOTHER-ONE climbs up the foot-bridge, scattering poetry pages. The six young men and young business women close the gate in front of the engine, whispering in crescendo"run, run, run, run,run..." On the gate costume elements and props are hanged. The young business women put on long plaited wigs. SHE-ONE has reached the rails.  

The mourners and the HUNTSMEN threateningly step towards her. SHE-ONE tries to keep them at a distance.







and breasts and hands and genitals

and regards and secrets

let us mourn the one

who runs run




run daughter of the one who

used to run those past years treading

on our words

on our tears

we drain our thoughts




on the one who

runs swims rows

in our tears

SHE-ONE: awd augh aush aulp oup out


SHE-ONE: oust ough ouw oub ouk out




THE MOURNERS&THE HUNTSMEN (picking up the pages shed by SHE-ANOTHER-ONE)




What does it write on that

but what

what does it write on that


SHE-ONE: That I robbed I lied I killed

I cussed I fornicated I for

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: much too often hosted patches

in the guest room

of my brain

I for much too often believed

believed that I saw

HE-ONE (picking up a blindman's pair of glasses from among the gate objects):

I see her

in the cage tearing off

her thousand bars I see her

enraged and gnawing

at the iron until her body

barred fades away scatters away

she leniently singing collects the pieces building

a cage

I throw at her stones coins candies my eyes


does not turn around finishing the completeness of that stark

naked body

afterwards clothing it with her name





SHE-ONE: among those bars of the cage where we

spent our childhood

a cage hanging

from my mother's navel

rocking me bang-bang

to the cage bars

of my body

I have turned into woman feeling

how my ribs were springing out

those ribs

I had heard them

saying they weren't really mine

albeit mine

grew up one day springing out

from under my skin

I found myself suddenly imprisoned

in a rib cage

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: (hiding his hands in his sleeves)

cast off your self

in my speaking arms that abide

a cage a lockup

I have taught them to speak and they speak

my fingers Arab story-tellers

would whisper on your shoulder

would whistle on your womb

my arms would scream blowing up

nearby your genitals



SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: what a happy family

the heaven seemed

a golliwogg-paradise of thousands of million of singing

cages humming

I don't remember the SHE-ONE the one

I used to inhabit before

I was born

and now

I can hardly move nailed in the air recomposed

of cage bars



what's this

what is this

a cage a woman a


a cage a woman a



They step forward to the Mourners who put on huge breasts. The HUNTSMEN catch them by their braids and work them as if they were dogs, hunting SHE-ONE. HE-ONE leads the hunt with the whip he has uncoiled from around his waist.


THE HUNTSMEN: we have cornered we have smelled

THE MOURNERS: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

THE HUNTSMEN: the prey the prey is near

THE MOURNERS: ohohohohohohohohoho

THE HUNTSMEN: we are catching her we are

THE MOURNERS: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

THE HUNTSMEN: making gloves of her skin

and rubber women

of her thoughts we make ourselves

forest-flavour condoms

THE MOURNERS: ohohohohohohohohoho

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: who might have shoed her tits

the prey’s named woman’s tits

who might have let her out

of the cage

THE HUNTSMEN (laughing): run prey called woman

run treading on our milk

on our tears

THE MOURNERS: Ruuuuuuuuun Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun Ruuuuuuuuuuuun

SHE-ONE: oust ough ouw oub ouk out-


by us gentlemen

HE-ONE: that night when

we woke up with our brains aroused

and genitals boiling

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: boiling of ideas we cast that woman


from her forehead to her heels

we are familiar with

every square inch of that body written big written hard

HE-ONE: gentlemen

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: let us dispose of her

the witness of the night when our brains saw

orgasms and our genitals saw ideas

HE-ONE: let us wall her in kill her close her up

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: in a large secure confortable cozy cage

we will take her out daily

in the morning at noon and in the evening

we will write her body when we have

the mood obligation inspiration

HE-ONE: we will read her when we have

time need mood


we will love her gentlemen

and respect her





the titty prey is good

to bear living puppies to deliver

and feed them with her milk

a good lot prey oh a good lot prey



They hunt SHE-ONE who reaches under SHE-ANOTHER-ONE. SHE-ANOTHER-ONE sheds written leaves of paper.


HE-ANOTHER-ONE: the woman we wrote laid eggs

gentlemen she laid an egg the Egg

is also written upon in a strange language

weird letters running on the shell have stopped


HE-ONE: what might that be gentlemen

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: do analyze thoroughly

study decipher

the mystery

SHE-ONE: my belly's growing day by day (her belly grows)

I will soon deliver

another cub in a cage

if it is a he it will leave

very soon hunting

if it is a she it will be

rocked bang bang in the cage

tightly knotted to my navel

what else can I do

but rock it until it crawls stands up takes a step



HE-ANOTHER-ONE delivers the puppets to the Mourners who manipulate them, while HE-ONE marks the seconds slashing his whip.


THE MOURNERS: what's the lady doing we do not understand where

is the lady running she has been cast off has been punished has been

wicked and ugly has been

good and beautiful

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: tell me the story

how you boiled her in your venom

how you wiped her with your sap drained in

the milk colander

milk and biscuits

tell me

THE MOURNERS: she was unfaithful she

lied she stole she beat

her children she gave them away god forbid she

murdered them she cussed them she oppressed them

she weighed them she unjustly punished them


how you belly-danced fluttering

your umbilical cords above

your heads how you rejoiced

and crushed your mothers' placentas

on the motley cement

THE MOURNERS: she smoked she grumbled she spoke

dirty she swore she cried she spoke when not asked

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: you gathered your cries in small bundles

and started

she would not stop you

and gave you names

tell me

how you used to receive your name like a bullet

and wriggled crying




madam hasn't been good


In the cage - black box puppets are played: SHE-ONE in the cage, staggering, SHE-ONE, on the floor, crawling. HE-ONE swishing his whip, the monster shows up (TUCA), a huge puppet with lots of breasts and a phallus, representing the sexuality -totem, handled by HE-ANOTHER-ONE.


HE-ONE: what monster what's this who's this

SHE-ONE: what monster what's this who's this

ALL(taking turns): what monster what's this who's this

TUCA: what an ordeal ooh I was shouting

I had caught my tit me too

I was ululating not knowing which

of the heap was mine

mine tuca tuca

I only worked for a day

I saw the final results

forgive oh god

SHE-ONE: god help us

on every breast

a woman's name

TUCA: hey you

come on move

mimi ada joanna maria

nicolette mara anastasia

diane zoe alina

michaela anna christianne

annabelle justine carmen

lucrece hanna raluca

simone magdalene and

whoever might have left her tit there

out out out

SHE-ONE: ust ough ouw oub ouk

TUCA: out

SHE-ONE: awd aurhg aush aulp

TUCA: out



During this scene, the others have made out of cabbage, carrots, flowers etc. the TUCA portrait nailed on the gate, so that  the character be  recognizable.


SHE-ONE: ladies and gentlemen your honor

brave spectators honorable audience

father brother mother babies

have mercy god

TUCA: disappear satan

give me the mike and I will confess



ALL: bri bre bra bro bru

HUNTSMAN: do not give her the microphone mister

don't you dare to receive

her words

strange ill-eyed words her smell knotted instead

of a tie

has left on your body

ALL: cri cre cra cro cru

THE MOURNERS: give her the mike mister let her speak

let the woman shout and slash

halter are her words

to you

A MOURNER: farrrrrow

A MOURNER: we know

that you will swallow

her words

like farrow

ALL: dri dre dra dro dru

A HUNTSMAN: I am asking for permission am asking

excuse me let me please



SHE-ONE begins to distribute knives, while SHE-ANOTHER-ONE distributes paper bags made of the OUTCAST poetry book.


SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: gentlemen you have here

wrapped in paper bags coming from shops magazine

littéraire litterraire

you have here

well wrapped

one piece of heart suffering from

a slight mistral astral surreal






my vertebras gentlemen

my lungs one by one

seraphic traviatic

exquisite in small caskets the eyes

very suitable as gems

for rings

please gentlemen

touch my vocal

chords interpret

put your hand

on the three

somewhat erotic objects

I sold them

for nothing to a sex-shop

they even exhibited them

in the window

that's it

gentlemen we can start

the auction


The slaughter begins and the devouring of the Tuca totem. The real Tuca disappears in the dark, HE-ANOTHER-ONE reappears.



ALL: fri fre fra fro fru

HE-ONE: I would be interested

in the heart but only in conditions

of absolute hygene but I can see

on it the blots of letters

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: but she told you

a letter might have got stuck

a word a phrase an

essay be happy

you read it for free


SHE-ONE: non

by my heart gentlemen

it is the story of my life out out

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: cast letters callosities

on the back of my skin until

my heart a magnet said


and alligned them in words

HUNTSMAN: I bid 1000


THE MOURNERS: twoooooooo



SHE-ONE: three once

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: three twice

HE-ONE plus HE-ANOTHER-ONE: three thrice

ALL: bingo (they eat the slaughtered pieces)

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: the court sentences

this woman because she

sold her body for nothing

HE-ONE: her heart for three thousand

in public auction

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: she will be therefore tied up

with her own veins and tendons

and mailed

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: vade retro satana

SHE-ONE: have mercy


They are being tied together with their own veins and tendons. All the others throw coal lumps at them, resulting in a small heap at their feet.


HE-ONE: farther and farther

without any right to come back



SHE-ONE: where do you go daughter

of hers where do you cast

your cries like pebbles to mark

your road back where

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: I'm touring the desert in eighty lives I dig

holes every mile

I bury myself I bury myself

And shout my obituary

ALL: she was a greaaaaat giiiiiiiiiiirl

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: when I shout when I laugh when I sing when I

pray when I cry

I am very careful not to

secrete many tears I'm so afraid

not to turn the desert green

too green

SHE-ONE: when you left daughter

of a rib come off after the first

surgical failure of the world afterwards

the ill Adameveeeeeeee Adameveeeeeeee were both

delivered and let to deliver from time to time


HE-ANOTHER-ONE: how dare you daughter

of hers to spread off your shadows shaped as

stairs to climb to reach

his shadow unmoved

SHE-ONE: he himself

has spread has shed his shadow

shaped as a heart

so that we cannot tell

our bodies apart

HE-ONE: who are you shadow

of hers what you have

what shapes what contours what faces

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: shaped as the hands united

for praying


The steam engine appears, puffing and sliding forward slowly. The Mourners and the HUNTSMEN gather progressively around the two who try to escape them. They all have spades and will load the coal in the engine tub.


THE HUNTSMEN: it has been done before

it has been seen  

it has been tried before

it has become ordinary




SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: uselessly - the key is there

the poet skimming through depths uselessly

THE MOURNERS: it's become a mannerism

it's repeating itself

it’s selfplagiarizing

it’s failing  it’s failed            

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE: in fact it has never been


They push the two towards the rails, the steam engine slowly approaching.


SHE-ONE: you poet I'd eat your pen

where are you darlingish where are you

strolleringish where have you

hidden meinschatz

HE-ONE: under your shadow I have made

my bed my mattress I have used your breasts as springs for

my body's summersaults in your body's net





THE MOURNERS: sexualizing





HE-ONE: how interestizing

I mean the net of her body

as a net for his body

I mean his aspiration for the absolute


thrust me

in the lap of your latest alliteration shall I

suck your oxymoron drink your analects

tickle your paralax oh

it chokes me

your sweet tender dear synecdoche

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: Oh, Archilocus and Asklepiod

I am a a god

in your caste hand of pure virgin child

I am your plasticine god – wild!




Hey you ball

of plasticine

have you forgotten

I'm a virgin?


They push them more and more towards the steam engine. SHE-ANOTHER-ONE climbs on the coal tub. They all throw coal into the tub.


THE HUNTSMEN: satisfaction






THE MOURNERS: uselessly skimming through depths

mud butterflies

kill the Poet


of Poet you have gone

and I had told you

not to go near the depths

three people died last summer

sisterrrrr motheeerrrrr

HE-ANOTHER-ONE: depths skimming through

mud butterflies uselessly kill

the Poet

HE-ONE: oh please woman


with thatched pores

all over your body

I am reborn and coming back

with my sling

of butterflies wing

that we will use

in kitchen in bathroom in hall in

stead of  brittlestone and gritstone

what do you say

SHE-ANOTHER-ONE (rising from the tub): DA


The engine goes away backwards, carrying her out of the depot.


THE VOICE OF SHE-ANOTHER-ONE (covering the lottery noise):

muse (lottery








ALL: bingo



SHE-ONE: (flanked by HE-ONE and HE-ANOTHER-ONE who push her up the cage-foot bridge, burdening her, burying her under the puppet-children and phaluses until they nullify her and only her voice is heard)

tell me the story

tell me

how you rushed

how she smelled you

choking with the stink

and you

what were you doing

you were sousing

in her dreams

you were nudging and aligning

on her vessels

to the heart to the heart

tell me

how she groaned itching and you

barbarians were playfully competing

in her left breast

you were sliding on the chute

to the heart to the heart

tell me the story how

green stallion studs were abiding her

down there under the belly

oh how they were rushing and biting

your neck your eye lids

how you all died haunting her

hunting her soul

and she the haunted

is today even

still looking for you…


END (?)




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