Marion Hinz




As round as the earth,

your dream of a woman

I am full of edges like a box,

colourless like a brown bag,

I`m standing around

useless and full of love

cover me with color.



A Poem


Sometimes the only chance

for time is to be a poem


In that case time has

no seconds no minutes no hours

nothing what would be able to

cut time in single parts


In that case time is what it is

at its best moments

at its best moments

a single long moment.




A knife


We all know, in reality

time is a robber, a murder

there`s no cure for that

but just once in my life

I imagined I am a knife

a very sharp knife

which could cut the time

which could cut my age

which could keep me young

but life is stronger than me

even if I am a knife.



Like a wind


Sometimes time is like a wind

who surrounds me fluttering

who is whispering in my ear

like your voice in my brain.



Get back soon


I will get back to you soon

back to you soon

to you



in a minute

an hour a month a year



as soon as possible

possible now

later on




so fast as the flapping wings of a kingfisher

so fast as a hunters shot

so fast as the death of this bird.



Only for love


My heart beats loud

from nothing but love


all my life my heart

will beat in this way


over and over again

every time anew

over and over again

my heart will beat

only for love


it will beat like a barrage

for the imperishable one

for the unique one

for the not repeatable love


it will beat as strong

as only it is able

beat for the young one

beat for the newborn one

beat for the climbing up one

beat for the sun striving ones

beat for the moon and the stars

touching affectionate love


as long as my heart stops to hit

my heart will beat for love.




At the same time


In the present all things

happen at the same time

everybody knows for certain


A train cuts his own pass


The grass is trembling on the edge

flowers bend their heads in the wind

a child recognizes it is no more child

a mother awards to her daughter

a daughter cries around the man

a beloved one dreams from everlasting love

a whore hangs herself at home

a dragonfly whirrs in the air

a cuckoo shouts in the forest

a man sees red

a woman accuses herself

a grandmother folds her hands

an old man bends the head

children play in the well

women carry jugs to the water


Here trembles a cold night

there shimmers a hot day

here a person freezes to death

there many people die of thirst

here drowns one human in the floods

there people flow out on the street


They flee over the water away

to get in any other country

in a land of milk and honey

and if they have not died

so they still live today.




Another day


Another day is gone

I n dennn deszumn) dergleichen alone again

no more sunshine

just darkness remains


I fall down deeply

deeply down into

the gigantic hole

up to his deepest point


I fall into darkness

I see a black ball

it is the earth

the dark earth


I don`t give up

I will ride the ball

I will ride the earth.



Near the happiness


The gate opens

and I walk through

I`d like to stick nearby

the happiness


I save the bread

I save the fruit

I shake the winter beds


Already there trickle the flakes

already there falls the snow

on a world deeply under mine


Here I want to remain

here is the warmness at home

here I make myself at home


I go out and I return

till flakes trickle down.



If life was the aim


If life was the aim

I would already be there

I am always starting

always on the go

I never arrive

ever out of breath

I always rush over

stumbled tumbled

on straight way

struggled to my feet

run for my life

the aim always

in my mind.



A weekend


The weekend came along quite normally.

I saw it from the window coming.

In the sunshine it approached.

Seemed to become nice and cheerfully.

The weekend. However still was Friday.


The last week had been okay.

Everything in dry scarfs without big fuss.

Some important and a lot of insignificant done.

However, then there came Haiyan, the storm bird.

Foiled us. Swept over the Philippines with more than 300 kmh.


The strongest typhoon one day the country met.

They speak of 3 dead ones. At first. Then of 100.

Then of 1.000. At least they talk of even more.

They speak furthermore about 620.000 homeless.

They speak of nearly 10.000.000 affected persons.


They speak of Tacloban. Floods.

About 220,000 inhabitants.

About the capital of the island Leyte.

Equalized to the surface of the earth.

Chaos. Hunger. Desperation. Violence.

Corpses. Smell of putrefaction. But

also multiple help and wondrous birth.


And here: Four German martyrs are

snatched out of the sea of silence.

Now their memorial is long-lasting.

First edition to the Lohengrin prelude

is discovered. In all voices.  A treasure.


The Mardi Grass started and therefore

the clowns conquered the city hall.

And in 2022 the Winter Olympics

ain`t in Munich ain`t in Germany.

A 48-year-old driver is with 3.14

blood alcohol in the traffic on the way.


Thus it stands in the newspaper of Sunday.

The weekend is almost over.




My heart


Ripped my heart

when I was alive


My heart always

always was outside

always beside myself

always with me

my heart


In small bags in big bags

I carried it around

every day with me

my heart.



Rucke di gu



rucke di gu

my little dove

my fine dove

the blood at the shoe

I drank it up long ago


Now please

send me the bear

I will tousle his fur

with pleasure

and all my love


The honey milk

act in addition

I drink it too

out of the shoe


Rucke di gu,

my little dove

my fine dove.





Time witnesses

Time eaters

From time to time

All one`s live

Time current

Time contingent

Time management

Time warp


At times in love

Running times

Time runs away

Saving time

No time to save

Save me this betimes

Timeless helplessly

Time taste

Tasted time

Tasteless time

Every now and then

Delayed time

Staggered time

Time profit

Won time

Time machine

Machine time

Time lapses

Heaped time

Greedy time

Space of time

Tightened time

Thrilling time


Forgotten time

Time ghost

Spirit of time

Time stroller

Dawdled time

Lost time.



Two kinds of rough


Sweetness is also bitterness

and joy means pain too

love is equally hatred

and longing also is grief

consciousness is fog too

and life at the same time is death.





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