Alice Waldert



March 2014


Does your light shine brightly

in the space that you hide?

Do you ever open a window

to let more light in?

Have you forgotten the way

that you soared and shone,

in another place and time?

I trust that you remember

the words that were spoken.

The looks that we gave

each other, those light years ago.

If not, they are a memory

never again to be awakened,

Hanging in the shadows,

where your soul has gone.

But I do know where

a part of you will always be.

It is here in my heart,

With all my cherished dreams.



Alice Waldert (pronounced Val-dert) is a writer and poet who was born in Canada to German landed immigrant parents. She has been living in New York for the past ten years and is currently working on a childhood memoir about being born to war wounded child survivors of Nazi Germany.



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