I am

By Marvin Recker


I am polite and kind.

I wonder how life feels on the moon.

I hear the engine of a Spaceshuttle.

I see life on another planet.

I want to live out there.

I am polite and kind.


I pretend I am a moonman.

I feel the sandy ground.

I touch the steering wheel of a spaceship.

I worry about leaving Earth.

I cry when I think of leaving my family.

I am polite and kind.


I understand that earth is a better place.

I say we could live on the Moon.

I dream about living somewhere else.

I try to think of another place.

I hope I find one.

I am polite and kind.


Marvin Recker is a 4th grade student at the German School New York. This is his first poem.



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