How I see Reality

                    by Ana -Maria Paul, 5th grade student


Many people ask: ”What is Reality?” Some have an answer. Some spend their whole lives trying to find out what the answer to that question is... But really, “What is Reality?”

I can not know the exact details of the real meaning of the word "Reality". Reality is everything and no human being can know everything. Only god can know all. But you don't have to have a certain age, or be in a certain way to imagine Reality. And I guess that everybody has their own image of reality. Some might think that reality is nothing more than a phone. But others think Reality is a tree, a dog or Love. And maybe they're all right. I say that if you bring everyone’s Reality together, it will create the big planetary reality.

I think Reality is the happy laughter of a small child, the way it sounds, like a little bell. When a man cries of joy. When a flower blooms, when you love. When you sing, dance, believe, when you're strong, proud, confident, kind, loyal, smart, brave and fair in the hardest moments. Reality is hot and cold, soft and hard. It's talking to the wind and trees. Reality is transparent, because it doesn't have secrets to hide. It's when you realize that the inside counts. It's when you look up at the sky and love the stars. Reality is beautiful, but serious too. The sun and the moon. It's a million colors. Reality is the mystery of the universe. The truth, the secret of the universe, that might never be revealed.

That's how I see Reality.



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